Queen of D.C (Queen of DC Book 1)

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Queen of D.C (Queen of DC Book 1) ePUB ebook download Imagine this....

Tony Montana, Nino Brown & Manuel Norega all rolled into one. Rocking tight jeans, Prada boots and a "killa" smile.

What do you get?

Keeli Byrd...... The Queen Of DC.

Born with hustle in her blood and destine for greatness, Keeli sets out to become the most notorious female drug dealer in American history….. But it’s not by choice.

With her 3 best friends as her backing, her cousin as her coach and the streets as her backdrop Keeli starts her mission. During her 12 year reign as “queen” she faces countless obstacles including fake friends, snitches, family issues, crooked cops, enemies, love & addiction.

It aint all bad….. But it aint all good either. the question is “in the end… was it all really worth it??

You be the judge.

The First of A Trilogy

eBook Queen of D.C (Queen of DC Book 1)

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